4 steps to prevent Rodents from entering your Bay Area home

Rodent Proofing in Bay Area

Small rodents and mice can just squeeze from any cracks and holes in your home. Making sure you seal all possible entry points along the exterior of your house, prevents future damage and infestation that rodents and mice may cause. Look around any openings inside your home. Check on cabinets, baseboards, and closets or any entry rodents may gain.

There are some steps to prevent them from entering your lovely bay area homes.

• Check your door screens and windows and have it repaired. Use weather-stripping around to keep them out.

• To keep rodents out from your garage area, fit your garage door with rubber seal.

• Chimneys and attic vents are large entry points of rodents and other pests. Install wire mesh to prevent them from coming in.

• Use a good silicone caulk, expandable foam or copper mesh around utility pipes, dryer vents, gas meters, under the siding on your home and dryer vents.

Keeping your surrounding area clean and neat can also prevent to attract pests. Trim your grass and shrubs and weeds can eliminate and deter any pest activity.

If pests still find their way to your home, pest removal and eradication will be the next step.

Look for a reliable rodent removal company near your area. Get a free pest removal quote.

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