Best ways to Rodent Proofing your home in Alamo

Rodents are nasty creatures and can bring unwanted disease or health hazards to you and your loved ones. They invade your home in any way possible and infect almost all their tracks, leaving dreaded bacteria behind. They can also leave serious damage to all structures of your home. Shelter and food source can be the main reasons why they enter our homes. What can we do best to prevent rodents from entering our precious homes?

Make sure to clean all possible areas from the indoor to your outdoor area. Check food containers, storages, and cooking area. This area can be rodents’ main target for food source. Keep it clean and tidy all the time. Have a proper storage for materials and supplies to keep it off the floor.

Keep your lawn trimmed and remove unnecessary clutter this can be an attractive living space for them. Cut down tree branches that connect to the roof or gutter, rodents might use them as pathway to easily enter your attics and breed.

Check all entry points like the doors, windows, and your garage area. Inspect for some gaps or holes and have it repaired and sealed with a mesh or metal sheet.

Check your roof area like your attic, chimney, and your vent system. Repair and replace broken parts as needed. Strong metal screens can also be used to cap all entry points.


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