Danville Pest Control – How to Rodent Proof Your Home

If you want to protect yourself against rodent infestations, you should start with your home. In order to control the rat activity, you must first deny them any kind of access into your house.

Below you can read more about the most important measures you can take when it comes to rodent proofing your house.

In communities as nice as Danville, we don’t generally like to think there are rodents and certainly not a pest problem. However, where there’s people, there are rats. So we have to take measures to protect and proof our homes from the rats and other rodents.

First of all, in case your house is already infected, you must turn to a specialist like Got Rats Rodent Proofing. In addition, in case you see rodent activity signs, you have to clean carefully as their droppings can cause serious diseases.

When rodents can get their head through whatever opening, they will be able to squeeze their body through as well. Rats can even get through very small openings.

Therefore, when it comes to inspecting or surveying your Danville home, you must be careful note these small openings as well. You should look for gaps on the sides or the bottoms of your doors, for light on the bottom seals, and so on.

In case you find significant gaps, this is when you should call a professional rodent removal and proofing company – like Got Rats Rodent Proofing!

Also, you should check the vents and the pipes that enter your house, as these can have gaps. You might also have broken screens and vents that should be replaced.

In order to keep the rats from entering your house, you can try keeping your doors and windows shut or screened as much as possible. But this is usually not enough. Bottom line, it never hurts to have us come inspect your home just to be safe.

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