How to Rodent Proof Your Home

It’s surprising how many homes in the San Francisco Bay Area have rodent problems. Sometimes it seems like the houses with rats and mice living in their attics, basements, and walls are almost endless.

Fortunately, there’s Got Rats Rodent Proofing!

One of the things that we specialize in is taking care of the problem. Most rodent control companies will put rat and mice traps in place to remove the rodents. This gives you an immediate fix but doesn’t offer a long lasting solution.

The reason these rodent control companies do this is because it’s good business for them. If they put out traps, they take care of the rodents that are currently in your home. However, they didn’t remove the food sources, nests, and holes that the previous rodents created.

So more rodents will make their way back into your home. Then you’ll be calling the same company again and they get to charge you once again.

We operate differently. We offer a different form of rodent control. We fix it for good!

We think instead of merely controlling your problem, it’s just better to solve it! The only way to accomplish this is by rodent proofing your home or business. This keeps the rodents away for good.

We do this by closing every hole that is ¼’ or larger to prevent further rodent activity. We trap and return every 3 to 5 days after our initial service to ensure our job is done.

We guarantee all of our work so you can feel sure you’ve made the right choice!

We offer professional rodent proofing and rodent removal services with animals including rats, mice, squirrels, moles, shrews, raccoons, opossums, skunks, bats, swallows, pigeons, and more.

We provide free estimates and will let you know what you may be dealing with in your home.

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