Pest Control Danville & Alamo – Removing Rats and Proofing Your Home

In communities like Danville and Alamo, we don’t generally like to think there are rats present, but the simple truth is there are.

Rats are dangerous because they can transmit various diseases and can get in people’s houses through wooden structures and wires.

In order to set efficient traps and to get rid of these rodent pests, the best action is to call a rodent proofing company like Got Rats Rodent Proofing. We offer services and free estimates for residents in Alamo and Danville and the surrounding East Bay area.

Rats are very clever. The rats living around or inside your house usually dig tunnels beneath wood structures or along foundations. After they invade certain structures, they generally stay on the ground level or in the basement.
However, in many cases we’ve found the rats living in attics and inside the walls of homes.

In order to avoid rats entering your house, you must proof your home so that they cannot enter. This includes closing all of the gaps around your home.

Paying attention to the vegetation around your house is a big way to help decrease rats as well. Make sure it’s thinned out. Allow for the space between your home and any vegetation to be at least 2 feet.

Also, make sure climbing vines and hedges are thinned or even removed.

Because rats are so clever, we recommend calling an expert rodent removal and proofing company like Got Rats!

Give us a call today for a free estimate. We’ll come to your home in Danville or Alamo and give you a detailed outline of what needs to happen.

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