Rodent Control In San Ramon, CA

As the wise saying goes, prevention is better than cure, experts will tell you that rat proofing or pest control is better and far more convenient than rodent removal.

Once your house is infested with rodents, pests or rats, it can become a huge problem and before you know it the entire saga would become unhygienic and they can spread some serious diseases.

The animation films may have compelled kids and adults to fall in love with the likes of Ratatouille and others but they are certainly not the least desirable at your home in San Ramon, CA.

Outdoor Areas

The first step to rodent proofing your home is to keep all outdoor areas completely clean and tidy. This includes your yards, driveways and lawns if you have them. You must not provide any material or any space in these areas where rodents or rats can find shelter and bring other friends of their community along.

It is imperative to use metal containers for garbage and any other material that is being thrown out. Any litter, debris of any material ranging from furniture to leftover food or anything that piles up in the immediate outdoor areas of your house will lead to rodent, pest or rat infestation.

Unattended Areas

We always pay a lot of attention to our bedrooms, living rooms and also our bathrooms. Even if these areas are completely clogged with stuff, we still manage to find time to keep them clean and to notice if there is anything odd or undesirable.

Sadly, such a practice or treatment is not extended to garages, basements and also kitchens in many homes. We seldom ponder over what the condition of the walls and floors is behind those cabinets that have been standing there for a long time.

Basement is a very utilitarian space but we do not care enough to see if there are some holes somewhere, some breakage of furniture offering a harboring space for rodents or any leaks or mold growth that can invite pests.

Attending to these areas is very important for pest control and rat proofing. This would prevent the need of rodent removal in your home.

Nighttime Cleanliness

We keep cleaning several areas through the day but by the time its night our homes are prone to various types of garbage or leftovers that are a buffet for rodents and rats. They are hyperactive during the night and if you do not cater to nighttime cleanliness, today or tomorrow you would need rodent removal services.

Naturally, if you notice you have a rat problem, we’re here to help!

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