Tips for Rodent Proofing your home in Pleasant Hill

We know what it takes when it comes to Rodent Proofing in Pleasant Hill. We know for a fact that rodents bring dreadful diseases everywhere they go. Keeping our homes rodent proof is one of best ways to prevent them spread their unwanted presence. They feed on almost any food available to them. Rodents can easily infect anything they get in contact with. That’s why need to know the common signs of rodent infestation before it gets worst.

Look for droppings, unusual gnawed furniture, or any possible rodent tracks. Rodent nesting areas are made from shredded materials. They also emit a musky odor and leave it in the areas they nest.

Check the areas that are commonly used for storage like your garage, basement and the attic. They can’t resist infesting your storage areas specially when there are large amount of food stored for your pets or any consumable products. Keep it safely stored in airtight containers. It locks the aroma inside which rodents are easily lured.

The aroma also goes for your filthy garbage areas. Keep it clean and odor free to prevent these pests from coming near your home.

Rodent Proofing in Pleasant Hill

Make sure your pantry area is tightly sealed and clean. Check on any possible opening on the door area. Make sure it’s always closed. Rodents can squeeze into very tight holes smaller than their bodies.

Garage doors are the easiest access rodents can enter the premises of your home. Prevent your garage doors opened for long periods of time. Use weather sealants and flexible metal strip for the gaps between the door and frame. It prevents rodents from having an easy access to your home. Also, keep your garage area clean and organized.

A beautiful landscaped area of your home is as attractive to infesting rodents. It creates an irresistible sanctuary for them. Trim down the tree branches that may reach the areas of your home mostly near your roof.

Rodent proofing your Pleasant Hill home is the only key for prevention. Keep your homes clean and safe for your family and pets, keep it rodent-free.

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