San Ramon Rodent Removal

After  your professional rodent removal specialist checks and do their work on your rodent infestation problems, how sure are you that all rats are totally gone? What are your indicators to know if rats are still present? As a San Ramon Rodent Removal expert, allow us to help!

Here are some tips to determine whether you have a current or previous infestation:

1. Odor

You might notice a distinct smell in a certain area where there is possible infestation. Check it out for yourself and get a closer look and inspect thoroughly.

Rodents leave a distinct smell where they infest.

San Ramon Rodent Removal2. Droppings

Droppings will likely be found around food packages, storage areas, under sinks, in hidden areas, and so forth.

Greater number of droppings are found where the rodents are nesting or feeding. Inspect the area around it to determine if their still active infestation.

3. Nesting

Check for materials such as shredded paper, dried wood, or any fabric they use to create their nests.

If these are present in some areas of your home, along with fresh droppings, gnawing, odor ant tracks, it’s likely you still have an active infestation occurring in your home.

4. Runways and tracks. If you suspect that rodent tracks with that distinctive smell that goes with smudge marks, urine stains or droppings, try placing a thin layer of flour of baby powder in that area to see possible rodent trails.


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