“Great proofing job. We haven’t seen or heard one rodent since the initial period following the proofing. Brandon has thoroughly monitored our traps and indulged my paranoia. I highly recommend their service. That said, FYI to all of you folks that like me had odor, it may be a long go. We have a slight odor still and are electing to redo our bathroom for piece of mind.”

-Trish G, Bay Area, CA

“Rats are disgusting, but when they live in the attic and manage to bring microscopic mites into the house, they are even worse. This started in April, when the rats moved in and got worse in May when we started getting bitten by mites. We had a tough problem and Clark was not getting to the bottom of it. They’d trap, then recommend how to rat proof and we’d do it and still have rats coming in. Finally Clark brought three guys over, went into the attic and crawlspace and determined that our roof rats were getting in UNDER the foundation. Seriously? We needed a second opinion so we called Got Rats. First, they assured us the foundation theory was probably wrong, roof rats are called roof rats for a reason. They rat proofed in half a day and guaranteed their work. They came back about every 4 days to check traps, and remove dead rats. Yay! Within a week, no more noises, within two weeks, no more bites. And still guaranteed, so I don’t have to worry about what to do if they come back. Finally after four and half months, a solution! Thanks!”

-Shannon E, Walnut Creek, CA

“Team was great. Fast, extra communicative, good experience. Well, as good as getting rid of rats can be … cleaning, patching, removal/replacement of foam, trapping … all done, all good. Thanks.”

-Kenneth M, Lafayette, CA

“So refreshing to deal with a company that believes in customer service. Technician arrived on time, did a complete inspection, along with showing me where critters were entering house and provided comprehensive estimate. Highly recommend.”

-Carol C, Aromas, CA