Walnut Creek Rodent Proofing – How To Rat Proof Your Home

Rodent proofing your home is important if you want to keep your house rat and mouse free. This is needed because rodents cause more damage to homes than any other mammals and can also carry disease. They ruin food, spread salmonella, and can even chew on wires which can ruin your electrical appliances.

There are many methods that allow you to rodent proof your house. The obvious choices include using poison and traps, getting a cat, and of course calling in a professional like Got Rats Rodent Proofing.

The overall goal is to block small holes that would allow access into your house and strategically placed traps. Of the choices listed, only a professional rodent proofing businesslike ours can effectively do this.

Using poison and traps are unfortunately only a short term solution and force you to dispose of the bodies. If you are going to use poisons and traps make sure your family are aware where they have been places to avoid complications. You must also keep your pets away from these areas as the poisons can harm them as well.

The best way to rodent proof you home is to call in a professional who can actually block holes that would normally allow a rodent to enter making it impossible for them to move in. They can also strategically place traps which should be more effective than your placement and allow you to get rid of the current rodents in your home.

At Got Rats Rodent Proofing, we have a solid understanding of the area. We know the habits of the animals in the East Bay area in cities like Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Lamorinda, Alamo, and more.

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